Cody Johnson turns six shows into one ‘Rockin” live experience

COJO Music / Warner Music Nashville

If you can’t make it out to see Cody Johnson in concert, that’s OK, he can come to you — sort of.

You see, the prison guard turned rodeo cowboy turned country star has just put together an epic, two-disc live set that showcases what he does on the road.

“We’ve been trying for years to capture the live energy in the studio,” he tells ABC Audio. “And I felt like we did a pretty good job of it on ”Til You Can’t.’ It has that vibe, but it just doesn’t replace recording an actual live album.”

Cody’s career-changing song is included in the live set, as is his current hit, “Human.”

“We recorded six shows,” he explains. “You know, some nights the wind would hit the microphone wrong or the guitar amp was a little jacked up. So we just tried to take the best takes from six nights, keep the editing down to a minimum and make it a true live album.”

“But there’s, like, 27 tracks on this record,” he adds.  

Cody Johnson & the Rockin’ CJB Live is out now and also features his previous hits, “On My Way to You” and “Dear Rodeo.” 

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