As he travels the ‘Gravel & Gold,’ Dierks Bentley’s driving the same truck

ABC/Robby Klein

Scotty McCreery may have put out an album named Same Truck, referencing the vehicle he won on American Idol. And Dylan Scott may have hit #1 with his song “New Truck.” But it looks like Dierks Bentley may have ’em beat in the wheels department.

You see, he’s still regularly driving the truck he used to move to Nashville from his native Arizona in the ’90s. 

“I drove that same truck here today: white Chevy,” Dierks tells ABC Audio. “It’s still out there. That truck’s almost 30 years old; ’94 Chevy, still got the same one.”

While thanks are certainly due to Chevrolet, a little bit of luck probably played a role, as well. 

“It’s got 250,000 miles on it and it just runs good,” Dierks explains. “I lost a fuel pump one time, otherwise, same engine, same transmission. It just runs good.” 

If Dierks is in a sentimental mood these days, you can’t really blame him. He’s preparing to put out his 10th studio album, Gravel & Gold, on February 24. His self-titled debut came out in August 2003.

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