How a “Trainwreck” from the “graveyard” forged a friendship between Bailey Zimmerman and Morgan Wallen


Bailey Zimmerman already has his second top 10 hit, after topping the chart with “Fall in Love” back in December. 

And the newcomer reveals one of the things that keeps him from getting stuck between a “Rock and a Hard Place” is his friendship with Morgan Wallen

“I met Morg at [the] Country Thunder [festival], and then we just kinda kept in touch since then,” Bailey tells ABC Audio. “And he, like, kinda gives me advice a lot and, like, just kinda helps me out with just questions I have.”

They’re also co-writers on “Trainwreck” from Bailey’s debut, Leave the Light On, though Bailey reveals they did it in an untraditional way.

“Actually, I didn’t even write that song really with him,” Bailey explains. “He wrote that song way back in the day, like 2016, ’17ish, ’18, whatever it was.”

“And I just rewrote it because it was in his ‘graveyard’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, you can rewrite it. I don’t really care what you do with it,'” he recalls.  

The friendship certainly doesn’t end there. Bailey’s one of the openers on Morgan’s One Night at a Time World Tour, which kicks off next month in Auckland, New Zealand. 

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