‘Bluebird Days’ are past, present and future for Jordan Davis

MCA Nashville

Going into his new album, Bluebird DaysJordan Davis had a very definitive vision for what he wanted it to be.

“The main thing, I wanted it to be the most honest record or collection of songs that I’ve ever put out,” he reveals. “You get songs like ‘Short Fuse,’ ‘Bluebird Days,’ ‘Money Isn’t Real,’ you know, those kinda heavier songs.”

He also wanted to touch on the past, the present and what life will look like in the future. 

Davis explains how that plays out on the album: “You know, the past being songs like ‘What I Wouldn’t Do,’ ‘Sunday Saints,’ ‘You’ve Got My Number,’ to kinda present songs. I would throw ‘Money Isn’t Real’ in there, ‘What My World Spins Around,’ ‘Buy Dirt,’ ‘Next Thing You Know.'”

“And then the future songs,” he continues, “like ‘Part of It,’ ‘Fishing Spot,’ which is kind of about my grandpa and how I spend time with him now. So those were kinda the tentpoles of what I wanted it to be.”

Of course, a couple of those tentpoles, namely “Buy Dirt” and “What My Worlds Spins Around,” have already gone to #1. “Next Thing You Know” is Jordan’s new single.

Though he first topped the chart with 2017’s “Singles You Up,” Bluebird Days is only Jordan’s second full-length album, following 2018’s Home State and a couple of EPs.

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