The return of Jason Aldean the writer? “We’ll see,” he says

ABC/Connie Chornuk

If you scan the liner notes of Jason Aldean‘s 30-track Macon, Georgia double album, you’ll have a hard time finding his name among the writing credits.

The superstar’s not afraid to admit that songwriting is simply not his favorite thing to do. But with band members who regularly crank out his hits, Jason suspects that may be changing.

“They’ve been kinda poking at me for the last couple years to start writing more again,” he reveals, “because I moved to town as a songwriter. I started writing at Warner Chappell [Music].”

“You know, I always loved the artist part, not necessarily the writing part,” he continues. “I like to write when I want to, but not ’cause I had to every day.”

Band members Tully Kennedy and Kurt Allison wrote both of his most recent number ones, “Trouble with a Heartbreak” and “If I Didn’t Love You,” as well as his current hit, “That’s What Tequila Does.” 

That certainly seems to be piquing the boss’s interest.

“You know, if those guys start something they think is cool, they may send me part of it and see if I’m interested,” Jason explains. “And if I am, then I’ll jump in and help ’em finish it. So that’s kinda what we’re doing now.”

“So maybe. We’ll see on the next record,” he says.

Back in November, Jason told ABC Audio he expected to be back in the studio around the first of the year. 

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