Luke Combs gets candid about drinking in country music


Luke Combs is sharing a special note about who his new song, “Joe,” is dedicated to.

In an Instagram post Friday, he explains why the song off his upcoming album, Gettin’ Old, is something he’s wanted to share with fans for years.

“There have been some folks in my family that have struggled with alcoholism and addiction through the years,” Luke writes. “I’ve got buddies who live a sober lifestyle, and I’m sure y’all know someone who has struggled with these type of things, or maybe you, yourself do.”

“This song is really important to me for that reason,” he adds.

Luke went on to speak about the common theme of drinking in country music, saying he realizes those who are sober or currently battling addiction might be affected by it.

“Our genre has so many songs about drinking and partying, hell, I’m probably one of the worst culprits of it,” he admits. “There’s nothing wrong with that I don’t think, but sometimes I wonder what someone in the crowd who doesn’t drink, or struggles with addiction is thinking or feeling when there’s thousands of people around them screaming ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’ or ‘1, 2 Many.'”

Combs says “Joe” is for those people.

“I’ve always wanted a song for those people to have for themselves,” he continues, adding, “to have a song they can sing at the top of their lungs and feel like they’re not forgotten.”

“So if you’re reading this and this song speaks to you, I hope you love it,” he ends the post. “This one’s for you.”

If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, confidential and free help is available at:, the SAMHSA National Helpline at 800-662-4357, or for immediate help in a crisis situation, call or text the national crisis lifeline at 988.

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