Sam Hunt’s “in heaven” as daughter Lucy starts to say “Da-Da”

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

For Sam Hunt, life’s been better than ever since the arrival of his daughter, Lucy, last May.

Now that she’s starting to say his name, the “Water Under the Bridge” hitmaker can hardly contain his excitement.

“It melts my heart every time,” he smiles. “She’s started saying [‘Da-Da’]. She loosely associates ‘Da-Da’ with me, but I’ll take it, because it usually is things that she wants. She’ll say ‘Da-Da’ when she wants something.”

“But she’s starting to really hone in,” he continues, “because I try to encourage, you know, when she says ‘Da-Da’ to light up and give her a reaction so she knows that’s gonna be me.”

Sam reveals Lucy’s also starting to say “Mama,” adding that he and wife Hannah have “just been in heaven the past few months” since the birth of their daughter. 

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