Luke Combs reveals “Going, Going, Gone” was a hint about ‘Gettin’ Old’

ABC/Connie Chornuk

It’s an interesting time for Luke Combs: As “Going, Going, Gone” reaches the top of the country chart, he’s experiencing one of the happiest periods of his life. 

In 2020, the North Carolina native married his wife, Nicole, and in June of last year his son, Tex, was born.

Luke believes the contrast between his sad song on the radio and the sweet life at home says something about the power of a song.

“I can be in this amazing place, and then come up with this guitar riff and have this song title that my co-writer goes … ‘I get that. I’m there right now,'” Luke reflects. “And you just try to bottle that magic while you have it, and know … they’re writing from a place of being in that moment.”

“And you could be writing for someone who, you know, at some point will be in that moment. … So I think that’s the super cool thing about it,” he adds.

Luke reveals “Going, Going, Gone” was actually a hint that his current album would have a continuation.

“That’s the last track on Growin’ Up. And the point of that was to go, ‘OK, well, this is where we’re going,'” he explains. “Like, I didn’t announce when Growin’ Up came out that there was gonna be a second part to this thing.”

“But I wanted people to go, ‘You know, this track 12, I really like that thing. It’s this new sound. It’s different, it’s something else, but I still love it and I still can relate to it,'” he continues. “And I wanted to let people know that that’s kind of where this was going, right, like leading into this next album.”

The other part, Growin’ Old, is set to arrive March 24. 

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