Uncle Eddie & the knife: Luke Combs shares the mysterious origins of “You Found Yours”

Sonja Flemming/CBS

You can’t hear the new Luke Combs track “You Found Yours” yet, but the CMA Entertainer of the Year is sharing the story behind the song. 

“If you zoom in on this knife, you’ll notice YOU FOUND YOURS engraved on it,” he shared on Instagram, along with a photo. “It was made and given to me by my Uncle Eddie and I’ve had the thing for probably 10 years, but never noticed it until last January while I was sitting in the deer stand.”

“I’m not sure what made him put that on there,” he continues. “But once I saw it, I knew I had to use it in a song.”

“You Found Yours” is one of 18 new tracks on Luke’s surprise Gettin’ Old album, which comes out March 24. 

“And no, my Uncle Eddie is not Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation,” Luke later quipped in the comments.

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