Vans, buses and breakups: A walk down “Memory Lane” with Old Dominion


If you take a walk down “Memory Lane” with Old Dominion, the CMA and ACM Group of the Year winners remember it all, going back to the very beginning.

So was there a moment on the bus when it crystallized for the songwriters that they could succeed as a band?

“We lived in a van for so long with each other that we realized that if we could live in a van, we could live in a bus,” lead singer Matthew Ramsey recalls.

“There was NO moment that crystallized for me in the van,” Brad Tursi jokes.

“Yeah, not in the van,” Matthew agrees. “There was a moment crystallizing in the van when we were like, ‘If we have to do this for one more year, there’s no way we will make it. We need a bus!'”

But Matthew can remember when he sensed things starting to change. 

“We were in this, like, rehearsal space, I think it was at the union, the musicians union, and we were working through ‘Break Up with Him,’ and there was something in that,” he reflects. “I remember, like, texting [writer/producer] Shane McAnally saying, ‘Hey, you gotta come down here and hear what we’re working on.'”

“And there was something in the room that day that felt very different and special. So I definitely remember that,” Matthew says.  

“Break Up with Him” would go on to become their very first #1 in 2015. 

“Memory Lane” is the lead single from the band’s forthcoming fifth album. 

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