Trek out to the “Outskirts” of town with Sam Hunt

MCA Nashville

Sam Hunt is reliving memories of a past relationship in his new heartbreak song “Outskirts.”

Composed by Sam, Zach CrowellJosh Osborne and Jerry Flowers, the track finds Sam reflecting on how a return to the “outskirts” of town has flooded him with recollections of an ex and an inevitable air of melancholy.

“But soon as I get out here on the outskirts/ I wish I was runnin’ by your house first/ Somethin’ ’bout a summer in the south sure/ Shines like gold down these old/ Round bail, river valley back roads/ Way back in the holler where the grass grows/ God almighty, baby, we were that close/ To ditchin’ this town and settlin’ down/ Out here on the outskirts,” Sam sings in the chorus. 

“Outskirts” is the latest song release from Sam and follows “Walmart,” “Start Nowhere” and his current single, “Water Under the Bridge,” which is number 16 and climbing on the country charts.

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