Jackson Dean almost became a bricklayer like his dad


Did you know that Jackson Dean almost became a bricklayer? That, in fact, was his plan as he was about to start working. He wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps working the same job.

But the elder Dean saw the pure talent in his son and urged him to pursue a music career instead.

“I think he saw that I had a pretty good taste in what I wanted to do. He saw that I wasn’t up here to do ‘Hey girl’ songs. It was much bigger than that, and I think he saw that I could make a future out of it,” Jackson recalls.

“And I think that he saw that it was something that I really loved. Cause nobody in my family had ever done anything like that before. Nobody. Nobody that we know has done anything like what I’m doing,” he adds. “But I can tell you for a fact he did not want me to be a bricklayer. If you ever get the chance to meet my dad, he’s fallin’ apart. His knees are shot, rotator cuff surgery twice, and carpal tunnel. His back is shot, and he doesn’t want that for us.”

Jackson’s debut album, Greenbroke, dropped in 2022. The 10-song project includes Jackson’s current single, “Fearless,” as well as his number one hit, “Don’t Come Lookin’.”

On April 14, Jackson will release his first live record, Fearless (Live at the Ryman).

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