For Thomas Rhett, family’s always first


Thomas Rhett loves writing songs, recording music and performing for fans onstage. There’s no doubt about that. But at his core, Thomas, who turns 32 on March 30, also knows what’s of utmost importance, and that’s his family.

“The last couple years to me was more of a rearranging of priority, if you will. Not that certain things aren’t still important, but I think I put so much stock in just winning at all costs,” shares the “Die A Happy Man” singer. “And when you look back at what it did cost you, it cost you time away. Now that my family is so big, that is the number one. There is nothing that trumps that.”

“And so, I think for me it was like, how can I be excellent at this, and excellent at this, and excellent at this.” Thomas adds. “And to me it’s just like finding those moments of like, okay, today I’m in a music brain and today I will give music everything that I have. Today I’m in dad brain and I will give dadding everything that I have. If it weren’t for the last couple years, I don’t know how long it would’ve taken me to realize some of that stuff.”

Thomas is currently climbing up the country charts with his single “Angels (Don’t Always Have Wings).”

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