Get to know Jackson Dean’s “fearless” brother


(NOTE LANGUAGE) Jackson Dean shines a light on his family in his “Fearless” music video.

The cinematic visualizer spotlights Jackson’s brother, Kyle, in his role as a loving husband and father. This feature was very much Jackson’s intention because of how much of a “fearless” and reliable man Kyle is. 

“Shooting ‘Fearless,’ tellin’ the story of what I wanted the message of this to be, was not just a guy and a girl. I knew I wanted to use my brother and my sister-in-law and my niece to tell that story, because what else is greater there to fight for than your family?” Jackson shares.

“I knew them embracing and all the close-ups of them was gonna be genuine, and it was gonna be real, and it was a real family,” the Maryland native adds. “You know, Kyle being fearless for them. And I knew I wanted it to be my brother. My brother’s a bad a**, and like myself he feels pretty at home outdoors.”

“Fearless” is the latest single off Jackson’s 2022 debut album, Greenbroke. On April 14, Jackson will release his first-ever live record, Fearless (Live at the Ryman).

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