Jackson Dean’s ‘Live At the Ryman’ was recorded in one take

Big Machine Records

Jackson Dean has dropped his first live record, Live At the Ryman.

Out now, the eight-track album features the chart-topper “Don’t Come Lookin’,” as well as two new songs, “Heavens To Betsy” and “1971.”

“Heavens To Betsy” has been a “crowd favorite” at Jackson’s live shows, as he tells ABC Audio, while “1971” is one Jackson personally wanted to be included.

“There’s no, like, ‘this story is about blah.’ It’s just a whole bunch of stuff that makes sense together that feels good, and you kind of get the gist of what’s happening,” Jackson says of “1971,” which he wrote when he was either 16 or 17 years old.

“It’s just straight-up American rock,” Jackson adds. “But we put that on there because I wanted it. It was worthy of existence.”

Perhaps unbeknownst to fans, Jackson wasn’t planning to release a full-fledged live LP. The initial intention was to tag “a couple of songs” to his 2022 debut album, Greenbroke. But the CEO of Big Machine Records, Scott Borchetta, brought up the idea, which Jackson liked and swiftly agreed to.

The end product? A collection of eight songs, all recorded in one take.

“It was just, like, ‘One take. Here you go. Coming at you,'” Jackson reveals. “They’re all one takes, which is awesome. And that’s why they’re fast. Because it’s pure adrenaline.” 

Live At the Ryman is available wherever you listen to music.

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