Kick back with Kenny Chesney’s Boat Captain Ben cocktail

Johnny Vy/CBS

With summer right around the corner, Kenny Chesney‘s showing fans how to make his Boat Captain Ben cocktail.

“Hey everybody, it’s Kenny. I am on a day off in the middle of the I Go Back Tour and there is not a cloud in the sky, and I’m just sitting here in the sun, having some fun, and I’m going to make what is called a Boat Captain Ben,” Kenny says in the opening of his Twitter video, before making the cocktail.

The recipe’s pretty simple. All you need is a bottle of Kenny’s Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum and a can of sugar-free Red Bull. While Kenny mixes and sips the drink in his “mama’s fish house cup,” you, of course, are welcome to enjoy it from your cup of choice.

Fans can follow along by watching Kenny’s video and get a bottle of the Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum at

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