Brothers Osborne on the message of “Nobody’s Nobody”: “It’s very fitting for our times now”

Courtesy of EMI Records Nashville

Brothers Osborne‘s “Nobody’s Nobody” boasts a powerful message about unity, self-love and loving one another. But when it came to choosing their new single, the multiple-award-winning duo expected their team to choose a rollicking, more uptempo song, instead of the midtempo “Nobody’s Nobody.”

“I thought it would be one of the more party songs people would want to lead with. But the fact that everyone kind of chose that to be the song was really awesome,” the duo’s TJ Osborne shares with ABC Audio. “It does have a great message and I think it’s very fitting for our times now. And, it’s still a fun song.” 

“Sun goes up/ Sun goes down/ Takes all kinds of kinds/ To make this world go ’round/ Everybody’s somebody, someone/ A sinner, saint, or son of a gun/ Nobody’s nobody,” goes the chorus of the song, which TJ and John Osborne co-wrote with Kendell Marvel and Mike Elizondo.

“I just love the message of that song. But also not doing it in a way that’s so, you know, ‘We Are the World’ or ‘Kumbaya’-y, which is really, as a writer, very challenging to do,” continues TJ. “We’ve all attempted to write them, but sometimes they just write themselves.”

“Nobody’s Nobody” is the first preview of Brothers Osborne’s upcoming as-yet-untitled album, which is slated to drop later this year.

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