There’s no halting the creative spirit in Hailey Whitters


You can’t stop the flow of creative juices — just ask Hailey Whitters

Whether she’s touring, performing or readying for a project’s release, one thing’s for sure — she’s always dreaming up the next song and album.

“I’m always kind of creating something, you know? I mean, all these records I’ve dropped, I think this is my fourth record, but I’ve dropped like three or something like that,” Hailey tells ABC Audio.

“They all come quick and I find even when I’m on the road all the time, I’m still trying to get back to Nashville and be in the writing room and write for the next project,” she adds. “So I’ve always got a little something up my sleeve.”

The next thing up Hailey’s sleeve — that we know of, at least — is her six-song I’m In Love EP, arriving Friday, July 28. 

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