Luke Bryan + Fendt reunite for Boldly Grown Peanuts


After a successful run with the Boldly Grown Popcorn last summer, Luke Bryan and Fendt have teamed up once again to launch a new collaboration: Fendt & Luke Bryan’s Boldly Grown Peanuts.

Available in three flavors selected by Luke — Homegrown Honey Roasted, Sizzlin’ Sriracha Ranch and Down South Dill — Boldly Grown Peanuts will go on sale at noon ET on Thursday, August 31, for $5 per can. Fans will be able to purchase a maximum of one can per flavor.

“Collaborating with Fendt to make peanuts for my fans means so much because I owe a lot of my work ethic and success to the lessons I learned helping out my dad at his peanut mill,” shares Luke. “Operating my Fendt 724 Vario really takes me back to those early years, though our tractors were nowhere near as powerful or capable as my Fendt!”

Additionally, Fendt will donate $50,000 to the National FFA Organization when supplies sell out.

For more information and to purchase your cans of Boldy Grown Peanuts, visit

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