Jon Pardi’s all about recording memorable songs, even if he didn’t write them

ABC/Connie Chornuk

Jon Pardi recently celebrated his sixth #1 single with “Your Heart Or Mine.”

Speaking with the press recently, Jon recounted how the storyline in his crowd-favorite chart-toppers “Heartache Medication” and “Last Night Lonely” lead almost seamlessly into the romantic conundrum in his latest hit, “Your Heart Or Mine.”

“‘Heartache Medication’ is getting over someone, moving on, having a good time and getting out and doing the things you need to do to move on. But ‘Last Night Lonely’ is almost like a continuation of ‘Heartache Medication,'” says Jon. “He’s moved on and found a girl he wants to settle down with. And ‘Your Heart Or Mine’ is now, he doesn’t know if he wants to settle down, but does he want to settle down? They got to figure their stuff out.”

Though Jon didn’t pen his recent chart-topping song, he says he’s generally not fussed about recording a tune he didn’t write. But, they’ve got to be able to stir up emotion and be memorable.

“There’s a lot of love situations that we could write about as songwriters. But for me, a good song — whether I write it or not — has to move people, has to make people tap their feet, and it’s got to be powerful and you’ve got to be remembered,” notes Jon. “I feel like a lot of these songs will be remembered for a long time.”

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