Ashley McBryde talks “Blackout Betty,” offers insight on her character-driven songs

ABC/Connie Chornuk

Ashley McBryde recently released her new album, The Devil I Know. Apart from its lead single, “Light On In The Kitchen,” the 11-track project also features a song called “Blackout Betty.”

Speaking with ABC Audio, Ashley discussed the genesis of the song and a lesser-known fact about her party persona.

“It was me and Nicolette Hayford and Aaron Raitiere, and we were writing one day and I was a little hungover — not proud of it, but I was. We wrote a song called ‘Blackout Betty,’ which is my nickname when I party too much. And we just kind of sat there, first of all, marveling at the song called ‘Blackout Betty,'” Ashley recounts.

She realized several of her song titles rhymed and boasted character-driven narratives.

“First of all, we didn’t mean to put a bunch of alliteration in these songs,” Ashley clarifies. “But we had all these characters just over the years.” 2022’s Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville featured “Jesus Jenny,” 2020’s Never Will had “Shut Up Sheila” and 2018’s Girl Going Nowhere included “Livin Next To Leroy.”

As the number of fictional characters grew, Ashley started having an idea.

“I thought, you know what’d be cool is if we gathered up all the characters we’ve ever developed and then gave them neighbors and give them a town to live in,” she shares. 

Check out “Blackout Betty” and more on The Devil I Know, out now.

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