Maren Morris ushers in a new chapter with ‘The Bridge’

Courtesy of Columbia Records

Maren Morris is starting afresh with a new two-pack, The Bridge.

The project features the break-free anthem “The Tree” and the ruminative “Get The Hell Out Of Here.” Maren co-wrote both tracks with longtime collaborators Jimmy Robbins and Laura Veltz.

“As I’ve been working on my record nonstop this year, I realized these two songs deserved a moment on their own – a story in their own right, written a day apart from each other – a tender duo and bridge to my next album,” Maren shares on Instagram. 

“I welcome, celebrate and grieve the changes that have happened these last few years and these songs say it better than I ever could in a caption or interview,” she says.

The Bridge marks the start of a new professional chapter for Maren. With this release, the Grammy-winning artist has officially transitioned “to Columbia Records from the label’s Nashville division” and is leaving country music, per an exclusive interview with Los Angeles Times.

Prior to The Bridge, Maren’s latest full-length album was 2022’s Humble Quest, which featured “Circles Around This Town” and “I Can’t Love You Anymore.”

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