Brothers Osborne recall how “Nobody’s Nobody” unexpectedly came to life in the writing room

Courtesy of EMI Records Nashville

As Brothers Osborne‘s “Nobody’s Nobody” continues to ascend the country charts, the duo’s John Osborne is sharing how the song came about in an unexpected way.

“It was kind of a tough day writing. We couldn’t quite really nail anything. We went outside, to you know, to have a smoke, a coffee, just kind our clear heads,” recalls John. “Came back in and Mike [Elizondo] was playing what you hear at the very beginning, which is, I think, a Wurlitzer or a Fender Rhodes with a delay on it. Like, that [was] amazing.”

That’s when their current single serendipitously came to life. 

Kendell [Marvel], the co-writer, said, “You know, that reminds me of a title called ‘Nobody’s Nobody.’ And we’re like, ‘Then why the hell didn’t you say that earlier? We’ve been here for 2 hours trying to this other song.’ And it came together,” John shares.

“Nobody’s Nobody” is currently #25 and rising on the country charts. The song is off Brothers Osborne’s latest self-titled album, out now.

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