Darius Rucker on ‘Carolyn’s Boy’: “It’s probably the most personal record I’ve ever written”

Courtesy of UMG Nashville

Ask Darius Rucker to pick his most personal album, and he might just choose his latest effort.

Out now, Carolyn’s Boy was very much inspired by Darius’ real-life experiences from the past few years.

“Oh, it’s probably the most personal record I’ve ever written,” he notes. “So many things [have] been going on in the world and in my life in the last six years that I just kept writing songs about what was going on.”

“Once I decided to name it Carolyn’s Boy, the personal songs seemed to rise to the top of the heap,” shares Darius. “So it’s a pretty personal record. But, I love that. I love to tell the truth.”

The “Wagon Wheel” hitmaker also recounts the moment that serendipitously led him to title the album after his beloved mom.

“I was just having a bad day, a bad mental health day. And I sat down at one point I just said to myself that really, at the end of the day, I’m just my mama’s boy,” he recalls. “That was the day [and] that’s when I decided to name it Carolyn’s Boy. That was an epiphany for me and that helped a lot.”

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