Cody Johnson recalls dressing up as a cowboy for Halloween


Cody Johnson‘s typically in his cowboy hat, shirt and jeans, sometimes even on Halloween.

While he enjoys dressing up alongside his two daughters Clara Mae and Cori, he recounts one time where he simply dressed up as himself — a cowboy.

“Well, my girls, they love dressing up for Halloween, and they’re hilarious. They’ve done everything from princesses to goblins, all kinds of stuff. I love dressing up with them, but the funniest part was, we had a Halloween dress-up party in my barn, and I showed up dressed like I do for a show,” Cody shares.

“I don’t know how old [my daughter] was at the time, she might’ve been four, she said ‘Where’s your costume daddy?’ and I said, ‘I’m wearing it.’ She goes, ‘What are you dressed up as?’ I said, ‘A cowboy,’ and she goes ‘Ohhhh OK,'” he recalls. “I totally pulled it off, and I thought that was hilarious.”

Cody’s currently #26 on the country charts with “The Painter.” It’s the lead single off his upcoming album, Leather, which arrives November 3 and is available for preorder now.

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