Parker McCollum enjoys relishing in the stillness of hunting


Parker McCollum is a happy man when deer hunting season comes around.

Just this year alone, he planned his tour schedule around it so that he can be out in the woods as soon as the season arrives.

“I’ll be in the deer stand every day. I literally end my tour at the end of October so I can hunt November and December. I mean, I grew up hunting so much as a kid. It’s just something I’m passionate about,” Parker tells ABC Audio.

While he enjoys shooting deer, that’s not what it’s all about for him. Beyond that thrill, hunting season also offers Parker stillness and the opportunity to slow life down, “which is a hard thing to do nowadays,” he says.

“It’s something I crave. So I look forward to that,” says Parker. 

After Parker slows down this hunting and holiday season, he’ll kick off his headlining Burn It Down Tour in January. For tickets, visit Parker’s website.

Parker’s currently #24 on the country charts with his anthemic single, “Burn It Down.”

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