Head to the “Southeast Oklahoma Pines” with Corey Kent

Courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

Corey Kent has released an autobiographical new song, “Southeast Oklahoma Pines.”

The acoustic-leaning track was penned by Corey, Luke Preston and Jack Hummel, and it finds Corey basking in the stillness of his old stomping grounds.

“Broken Bow, Oklahoma just might be my favorite place in the world. It’s where my family has been for generations running lumber mills & cattle,” shares Corey. “It’s where I learned to hunt & fish. It’s where I fell in love with the outdoors.”

“To me, Southeast Oklahoma is more than a place. It’s a home cooked meal. It’s a hug when you walk through the front door. It’s heritage. It’s a nudge to slow down. To remove the distractions,” he says. “When I make my way home to those Southeast Oklahoma Pines, it’s a reminder that even at its worst, life ain’t all that bad.”

Corey’s currently approaching the top 40 of the country charts with “Something’s Gonna Kill Me,” the follow-up single to the chart-topping “Wild as Her.”

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