Travis Denning is fully embracing the festive spirit at home

Disney/Scott Kirkland

Travis Denning is excited to celebrate his first Christmas as a married man.

The “After a Few” singer, who wed Madison Montgomery, daughter of John Michael Montgomery, in May, says he and his wife are fans of decorating their home.

“We love decorating the house. Because when you decorate, it’s like, ‘Oh, you know, we could make a drink and decorate.’ ‘Oh, we turn some music up,'” Travis tells ABC Audio. “That’s just fun. We like to do that. We love pouring a glass of wine and doing stuff at the house.”

This year, Travis is even considering putting up not one but two Christmas trees.

“We might get a second tree. We just moved to a new house. We have an upstairs now [and might get] a second tree,” he says. “I’m just excited to be at our house, hang out with the dogs and cats and each other and just enjoy our time together.” 

You can check out Travis’ latest song, “Going Places,” now wherever you listen to music.

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