Cody Johnson + wife Brandi lived out Alan Jackson’s “Livin’ on Love”

Disney/Scott Kirkland

“Two young people without a thing/ Say some vows and spread their wings/ And settle down with just what they need/ Livin’ on love,” Alan Jackson sings in “Livin’ on Love.”

Looking back, Cody Johnson says the song truly reflects how he and his wife, Brandi, spent their first Christmas together.

“My wife and I got married in early December and by the time I blinked my eye, Christmas was there, and there we were, newlyweds with hardly any money, living in a one-bedroom apartment,” Cody recalls.

“We were just so happy back then. We didn’t have anything and somehow we had it all,” he shares. “I remember that very first Christmas of us being married and we were broke as a joke and somehow we were just like that old Alan Jackson song, just ‘Livin’ on Love.'”

“There was something pure and happy about that,” Cody adds.

Cody’s currently #13 and rising on the country charts with “The Painter,” the lead single off his latest album, Leather.

Coming up, Cody will hit the road on his The Leather Tour, with Justin MooreChris JansonDrake Milligan and Dillon Carmichael opening on select dates. You can grab tickets now at Cody’s website.

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