Chayce Beckham’s looking forward to his first Tennessee Christmas

ABC/Eric McCandless

California native Chayce Beckham is gearing up for his first Christmas in Tennessee.

But don’t expect him to be partying on Nashville’s Broadway or going bar hopping. Instead, the “23” singer says he’s looking forward to staying home, and using the time to recharge and unwind.

“I’m going to hang out at home. I [usually] would go back to California [to] go see everybody. But I think this year I’m just going to stay in Tennessee and hang out with my girlfriend and my dog, and get some rest and get ready for next year,” Chayce tells ABC Audio.

“I’m happy with it, man. I’ve been looking forward to it. Hasn’t happened yet,” he adds. “This would be my first one here home in Tennessee.”

Chayce’s “23” is currently #15 on the country charts. His latest releases include “This Ol’ Rodeo” and “Whiskey on the Wall.”

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