Keith Urban inspired Dustin Lynch’s devotion to fitness


Keith Urban is one of Dustin Lynch‘s main inspirations for looking and feeling good, the “Stars Like Confetti” star reveals to Muscle & Fitness.

“It was a great string of lessons I learned from touring with Keith,” Dustin tells M&F. “Just watching how regimented he was with how he scheduled his days… what he ate before and after shows. He was always able to bring the best show we could possibly bring.”

Dustin’s lost nearly ten pounds this past year, but not by cutting out carbs.

“As I was looking to get more cut, for whatever reason I had in my head that all carbs were terrible,” he explains. “I just started really hurting. I had aches and pains from the gym and just feeling like I didn’t have a lot of energy that I was used to having.”

Dustin’s mainly given up the fast food diet typical of his early days on the road, in favor of watching his macronutrients. He also keeps up “three to four days of a rigorous weight room routine,” especially on tour.

“I like to go hard in the gym and for whatever reason, the pump, the blood that gets flowing, I sing better,” he says. “The day of the show I’d love to go out and really get a good workout in. I just have to watch how much I do.”

That’s a lesson he learned “the hard way.”

“During one particular session it was a heavy leg day and I wound up having baby deer legs afterward,” he recalls. “When I hit the stage that night, it was not fun at all trying to walk around in cowboy boots with shaky calf muscles.”

You can check out more of Dustin’s chat with Muscle & Fitness on YouTube.

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