Parker McCollum serves up his best marriage advice


Men, if you’re searching for a piece of marriage advice, Parker McCollum‘s got you covered.

Chatting with CMT recently, the “Pretty Heart” singer shared something he’s learned as a husband in his soon-to-be two-year marriage.

“I learned it the hard way but, all they really, truly care about is your time. So if you’ll just give them some of your time, which is the one thing, especially in the entertainment business, you do not have a surplus of,” Parker says.

“You can take her anywhere or buy her anything. But giving her your time is certainly the number-one tip I’d give anybody in marriage,” he shares.

Parker and his wife, Hallie Ray Light, tied the knot on March 28, 2022.

Parker’s currently in the top 15 of the country charts with “Burn It Down,” the second single off Never Enough

His Burn It Down Tour kicks off January 18 in Spokane, Washington. For the full tour schedule, visit Parker’s website.

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