Warren Zeiders loves connecting with fans at shows: “Live show’s my wheelhouse”

Mark Horton/Getty Images

For Warren Zeiders, live shows aren’t just about promoting an album — they present him with opportunities to interact with fans and bring new ones into the fold. 

“The live show’s my wheelhouse,” he tells ABC Audio. “When a fan shows up, I know that night is my opportunity to make a fan for a life.”

Warren also has a keen eye for passionate fans who’ve been to his concerts numerous times.

“It’s seeing familiar faces. It’s seeing people that have been to four or five shows in the last two months. It’s seeing people that travel all over to see me,” Warren shares with gratitude. “I mean, I’ve had people show up to 40 concerts. I’ve had people seen 40 of my shows. Flying to see me, taking time to come and see any chance they can to come see me.

“It’s a special thing to know that,” he says. “If you haven’t seen me, you come see me. You’ll see a different light.” 

Warren’s debut single, “Pretty Little Poision,” is #8 and ascending the country charts. It’s the lead single and title track of his debut album, which arrived in August.

Coming up, Warren will kick off his headlining Pretty Little Poison Tour in Duluth, Georgia, on January 27. For tickets, head to warrenzeiders.com.

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