Megan Moroney’s phone shows “No Caller ID”

Courtesy of Cece Dawson/Sony Music Nashville

Megan Moroney has rolled out a new post-breakup anthem, “No Caller ID.”

Megan co-authored the empowering song with Connie HarringtonJessi Alexander and Jessie Jo Dillion, which chronicles Megan’s resolute to move on from a manipulative ex.

“Hеre you come again, and therе you go/ No coincidence, you always know/ When I’m movin’ on, you move back in/ With a half-ass, “Sorry, how you been?”/ Why do you do it?/ Do you just hate losin’?/ Here you come again, who could it be/ It’s 3 a.m., no caller ID,” goes the candid chorus.

“I played this song on THE LUCKY TOUR last fall, and I could tell my fans wanted me to release it,” shares Megan. “It feels like this song has helped my fans as much as it has helped me. By the end, there is a lot of strength and growth that I’m proud of. I am really excited for this one!”

“No Caller ID” is the first new release following Megan’s 2023 debut album, Lucky. The project spawned her first #1 hit, “Tennessee Orange,” and its follow-up single, “I’m Not Pretty.”

Coming up, Megan will open for Kenny Chesney on his Sun Goes Down 2024 Tour. For tickets and the full tour schedule, head to Megan’s website.

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