Parker McCollum wrote “Burn It Down” with the Love Junkies when he was burned out

Courtesy of MCA Nashville

Perhaps unbeknownst to fans, the writing of Parker McCollum‘s “Burn It Down” happened rather serendipitously.

“Live, it’s great. I look forward to it in the show every night,” Parker says. “It’s turned out to be a really big hit for us. But that song came out of nowhere. I didn’t want to write that day. I was burned out. I thought I was done with the record and [Hillary LindseyLori McKenna and Liz Rose of] the Love Junkies come over to the house to write.”

As the creative wheels began turning, Parker started singing “Burn It Down” “out loud over and over again” 30 minutes into their writing session.

“Hillary Lindsey was like, ‘Hell yeah, what is that?’ And I’m like, ‘I have no idea,'” Parker recalls to ABC Audio. “I never said that. I didn’t have it in my mind. Nothing.”

“[It was] just out of nowhere, which is how every song I’ve ever written has come to be,” he says. “I just made some stuff up, so it was no different.” 

“Burn It Down” is currently #13 and ascending the country charts. You can find it on Parker’s latest album, Never Enough.

To catch Parker on his ongoing Burn It Down Tour, head to his website.

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