Jelly Roll ordered via Uber Eats while filming his Uber Eats Super Bowl ad

Courtesy of Uber Eats

Jelly Roll is just one of many stars who’ll be appearing in a Super Bowl ad for Uber Eats. But he may be the only one who actually used the app to order food while he was on set filming.

The Grammy nominee tells People that he’s a real-life user of the app, explaining, “We do all of our grocery shopping, house shopping and all that stuff on Uber Eats, and anytime we’re at a studio, Uber Eats is like catering.”

In fact, while filming the ad, he opted not to indulge in the spread of catered food — because he’s on a strict diet — and instead used Uber Eats to order a healthy meal.

“I walked in, and I was joking, and I said, ‘I just ordered Uber Eats on an Uber Eats commercial. I feel like somebody should’ve paid for it,'” he tells People. “The next day, I don’t know who heard me say that, but I got a credit on my Uber Eats account. Nobody’s taken credit for it yet either, and that’s cool. It’s a mystery.”

As previously reported, in the ad, Jelly Roll “forgets” he has tattoos all over his face, looks in the mirror and is shocked, expressing horror over the tats, which he calls “horrible.” In real life, the “Need a Favor” singer isn’t a big fan of them either.

“I don’t think they’re great… I’ve had them so long, I forget they’re there sometimes,” he tells People. He also says he doesn’t anticipate getting any new tattoos because “I’m about out of places to put them.”

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