Warren Zeiders’ guitar skills are self-taught, thanks to Guitar Hero + YouTube

Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images

Learning to play the guitar was very much a self-taught endeavor for Warren Zeiders.

The journey, as he recalls, involved a popular video game, movies and YouTube video tutorials.

“I grew up playing Guitar Hero and you know, watching the movies growing up, you see how the guy who can sing and play guitar always somehow wins the ladies. So that was a big thing for me growing up,” Warren says.

“I picked up a guitar in about 5th, 6th grade. I took a couple lessons, but I was so focused on athletics. One thing led to another. It was more or less just something I picked up every once in a while,” the Pennsylvania native recounts. “Most of the stuff is very much so self-taught when it comes down to just watching YouTube videos. YouTube is a great tool. So, yes, pretty much self-taught.”

Warren’s currently #3 on the country charts with his debut single, “Pretty Little Poison.”

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