“Find Another Bar” is Chris Lane’s long-awaited “version of a breakup song”

Robby Klein/Courtesy of Red Street Records

Loving Chris Lane‘s From Where I’m Sippin’ EP? Good news: More music’s on the way.

Chatting with ABC Audio recently, Chris talked about the forthcoming releases with his new label home, Red Street Records, and why he’s excited about them.

“I think the thing I’m most excited about [is] this is going to give me the opportunity to release the most music of my entire career, and I’m very proud of all five of these songs [on From Where I’m Sippin’],” says Chris.

“As I’ve taken a ton of time off the road to be a dad, it gave me a chance to focus on songwriting for the first time in my career, and I feel like I’ve got some really great songs that I recorded and songs that are about to be recorded,” he reflects.

“Find Another Bar,” the project’s lead single, is one Chris is particularly proud of because it displays another side of his songwriting.

“‘Find Another Bar’ is one of those things, you know, I’d recorded ‘For Her,’ ‘Take Back Home Girl,’ ‘I Don’t Know About You’ and ‘Big Plans’ all in a row, and I feel like every country artist needs a good breakup song. And I hadn’t really had one of those,” says Chris. “So this was my version of a breakup song, and glad to finally have one out there.”

Coming up, Chris will hit the road on his Find Another Bar Tour: College Edition. For tickets and a full list of Chris’ tour dates, head to his website.

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