“Texas Hold ‘Em” is Beyoncé’s first entry on ‘Billboard”s Country Airplay chart

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Beyoncé’s no stranger to Billboard lists, yet it’s her first time on the country charts. Just two days after Columbia Nashville announced Bey’s “Texas Hold ‘Em” is being promoted on country radio, the track’s landed at #54 on the Country Airplay chart.

The chart displays audience impressions at roughly 150 country radio stations in the U.S.: “Texas Hold ‘Em” hit 1.1 million via 100 stations in the week ending February 15.

“We immediately added it a sub-power rotation, which is where we put top-trending new music,” Bo Matthews, program director at San Jose’s KBAY, tells Billboard of “Texas Hold ‘Em.” “I want people to hear it. One of the biggest artists in the world delivered a great country record for us to have fun with, and the song is really good. We are in the business of creating excitement for our listeners and I’m embracing the moment. Plus, there is plenty of room for great artists, even from other genres. It’s a big country tent.”

Virginia radio station WUSH’s program director Dave Parker says he “put the Beyoncé [song] directly into a strong rotation so it can be heard.”

“I want the station to sound as interesting as possible, because the opposite is boring,” he continues. “This song is sounding great and doesn’t sound like anything else. Plus, the feedback from listeners and even fellow staffers so far has been very positive.”

Tim Roberts, program director of Detroit’s WYCD, adds, “I think it’s a good record, and country is so popular right now, it’s great that she wants to be here. Just like we do with any song on our playlist, now the listeners will decide.”

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