Bailey Zimmerman’s grateful to be supporting his family: “I’m so blessed”

Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Bailey Zimmerman‘s career has been skyrocketing since he launched with 2022’s “Fall in Love.” Now that he has three #1 singles, a sold-out headlining tour and the means to support his family, he’s feeling nothing but grateful.

“I’m so blessed to get to take care of my mom and take care of my dad. I’m doing a lot of things that nobody else in my family has ever gotten to do,” Bailey tells ABC Audio.

“You could focus on anything in life that has negatives and you’re going to be negative. But if you focus on the positives, nothing can really get you down,” he says. “But how the heck could I be negative?”

Bailey doesn’t take his success for granted. He counts his blessings and knows that they outweigh all the negatives his roller-coaster journey may come with.

“We’ve got three number-ones. My life is insane now. I own a Corvette. Like, what is even that? My mom is taken care of. She doesn’t have to worry about bills or anything anymore,” Bailey reflects. “I’m so blessed beyond belief that there’s no way to look at a negative ’cause there’s no need to, you know? You have so many positives.”

Bailey’s currently on the road for his sold-out Religiously. The Tour. His latest single, “Where It Ends,” is continuing its ascent on the country charts. 

Bailey also dropped a new song, “Holy Smokes,” on Friday. It’s available now wherever you enjoy music.

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