Keith Urban says “Messed Up as Me” is extremely relatable: “I’ve had these relationships”


If you’ve been in a dysfunctional relationship before, you might relate to Keith Urban‘s “Messed Up as Me.”

The new track, as Keith explains, highlights the realities of a broken relationship and how staying’s easier than leaving.

“This is an extremely relatable song for me,” Keith says. “I mean, here’s a dysfunctional relationship — and I can relate to that — where there’s only one good thing going on. I’ve had these relationships. There’s only one part of the relationship that is amazing, and all the rest is complete chaos, dysfunction, toxicity.”

“That one thing is pretty good, so you keep coming back to it,” he explains. “That’s really the center of ‘Messed Up as Me.'”

“Messed Up As Me” is the follow-up to February’s release of “Straight Line”; both tracks preview Keith’s upcoming new album.

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