Chayce Beckham recalls the day he self-penned “23”

Disney/Scott Kirkland

As “23” continues ascending the country charts, Chayce Beckham is returning to the day he self-penned his autobiographical tune.

“I was living in California. I had a place in Huntington Beach and I was sitting on my couch. It’s kind of right around the beginning of all the Covid stuff and a lot of stuff was shutting down,” Chayce recounts to ABC Audio. “I was playing with my band before that quite a bit, but we couldn’t play anymore.”

“I was leaning into writing stuff that I connected with a little bit more,” he shares, adding that he’d “been spending a lot of time in Oklahoma.” “[When] I sat down and wrote the song, I [thought], ‘You know, maybe I’ll start down this kind of a songwriting path.'” 

“23” is now #6 on the country charts. Chayce’s latest releases include “This Ol’ Rodeo,” “Whiskey on the Wall” and “Little Less Lonely.”

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