Jordan Davis learned something about himself acting in the “Tucson Too Late” video


Jordan Davis doesn’t usually act in music videos, but he made an exception for his latest single, “Tucson Too Late.”

The visualizer centers around the protagonist, played by Jordan, as he rushes to Tucson to save a romantic relationship from sunsetting. 

“I have never really taken a super lead [role] in any of the videos, and I think maybe that was me taking a step back from the writing of it and just being able to make this blank canvas story,” Jordan says of his decision to act.

“Maybe that was my way of feeling more connected to the song, kind of interjecting me into the role of the guy that can’t get to Tucson on time,” he adds.

So what did Jordan think about his acting gig? 

“It’s fun to act in some stuff like that. I also realized how bad of an actor I am,” he shares with a laugh. “So if anything, that video showed me that I should probably stick to singing.”

“Tucson Too Late” is now in the top 10 of the country charts. You can find it on Jordan’s latest album, Bluebird Days.

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