Dustin Lynch on how “Chevrolet” has been resonating with fans

Disney/Scott Kirkland

When it came to a song raising its hands on Killed the Cowboy, no track shouted louder than Dustin Lynch‘s latest single, “Chevrolet.”

Since releasing the project, Dustin says he’s seen the song organically pick up steam online, with fans raving about it just like they did some of his earlier hits.

“It’s a song that I’m seeing [shared about] the most online. You know, people posting videos of it or pictures of it,” Dustin tells ABC Audio. “It’s reminding me of ‘Small Town Boy’ and ‘Think ‘Bout You,’ where we released an album, 12 new songs on it, but boom, ‘Chevrolet’ [is] raising its hand like, ‘I’m the one.'”

“It’s really fun for me,” he says. “It takes a lot of the guesswork out of what we should add to the setlist next.” 

The Jelly Roll-assisted “Chevrolet” is currently approaching the top 30 of the country charts.

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