Bailey Zimmerman’s dog motivates him to work hard

Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ACM

Many things push Bailey Zimmerman to work hard, including his sweet dog, Marley. Why? Because he loves her, and she’s a high-maintenance pup.

“Yeah, Marley’s this bougie dog now. Marley’s a bougie little girl,” says Bailey. “She’s got to have all the toys. She can’t just have a couple now. She’s got to have all of them. If we put her toys up in the basket, she has to get all of them out again, you know?”

“She is a very expensive little dog. But is the reason I keep working hard and the reason I’m going to continue to work hard — so I can take care of my dog,” he adds.

To see photos of Bailey and Marley, head to Bailey’s Instagram.

Bailey’s currently on his sold-out headlining Religiously. The Tour. “Where It Ends,” the latest single from Religiously. The Album., is now #14 on the country charts.

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