Chris Young says he poured out “a little more of myself” on ‘Young Love & Saturday Nights’

Courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

Chris Young‘s anticipated new album, Young Love & Saturday Nights, has arrived.

Chris knew he wanted the project to be special from the perspectives of a songwriter, producer and artist. He penned 15 of the album’s 18 tracks and is the sole producer on three.

“I had a lot of time to work on this record, even though patience is not my strong suit,” Chris says. “I sort of decided, ‘Hey, let’s change things up a little bit.’ There’s songs on here that I didn’t write. There’s songs on here that I co-wrote. There’s songs that I produced by myself. There’s songs I produced with my friends.”

“I really was just trying to find a lot of things that I wanted to say,” he continues, before expounding on the various life-inspired themes covered on the album. “There’s the love songs and the sexy songs, but there’s also party songs, and there’s a song about my dad and about my dog.”

“I think I just was trying to pour out a little more of myself on this record that I haven’t really delved into before,” shares Chris.

Young Love & Saturday Nights is out wherever you enjoy music. Its title track is in the top 25 and ascending the country charts.

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