Brothers Osborne hope new EP marks start of shorter wait times between projects

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If you thought the turnaround between Brothers Osborne‘s latest self-titled album and their Break Mine EP is short, you’re not wrong. 

The duo noticed that too, and their decision for the swift release was intentional.

“We over-recorded some stuff on this last project,” Brothers Osborne’s TJ tells ABC Audio. “Every time we release an album, everyone’s always still asking for more music, and there’s so much music that comes out now. Music [gets released] and before you know it, it seems like that album’s a year old and [Brothers Osborne] just came out last [September].”

“So we were like, let’s hold some songs back and then we will do some mini-releases,” he explains.

With their EP branching out from the typical roll-out schedule, Brothers Osborne hope to deliver fresh tunes to fans sooner than ever before.

“Hopefully this will be the first of two, three, four — I don’t know, we haven’t really figured it out yet — but we do want to keep releasing music faster and more abundantly for the fans that always ask for it every year,” TJ shares. “We haven’t done that until now, and we’re not the first to have done it.”

“However, I think this is just really kind of a call-and-answer to the fans over the years of one of that,” he adds.

Brothers Osborne’s Break Mine EP is out wherever you enjoy music.

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