Dylan Marlowe recalls Dylan Scott’s reaction when he first heard “Boys Back Home”

Courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

Dylan Marlowe is taking you into the songwriting room of his latest single, “Boys Back Home.”

The song, which is now approaching the top 40 of the country charts, came as an answer to something Marlowe and his co-writers noticed in country music.

“Me and my buddy Joe [Fox] and Seth [Ennis] [wrote it], and Seth’s from Georgia too. I think we were just all in agreeance — there was too many songs about girls, and we needed one for the boys,” the country newcomer tells ABC Audio.

After writing their boys song, the opportunity arose to make it a duet with his tour buddy and country hitmaker, Dylan Scott.

“I was out on tour with Dylan and he asked to hear some stuff I was writing. I showed him that, and so he was pumped. He’s like, ‘We got to do two Dylans on one song,'” Marlowe recounts. “So we went and recorded it and he sang on it and we put it out.”

“[It] ended up being two years later just because of the way stuff works in this town,” Marlowe says, referring to the music business in Nashville. “He had a record coming out, and didn’t make sense timing-wise. It worked out better to wait and put it out when we did because now it’s kind of got a life of its own.” 

“Boys Back Home” arrived in 2023 and was preceded by Marlowe’s debut EP, Dirt Road When I Die. His latest releases include “You Did It Too” and “Bat Outta Hell (With a Boat on the Back).”

Meanwhile, Dylan’s new deluxe album, Livin’ My Best Life (Still), arrives March 29 and is available for presave now.

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