Corey Kent shares “perfectly imperfect” new track, “Rust”

Courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

Want a look at what real, authentic love looks like? Corey Kent‘s got you covered.

The “Wild as Her” singer has dropped a new track, “Rust,” that candidly spotlights a relationship’s good, bad and less glamorous sides.

“This love won’t rust, it holds right up/ Ain’t going nowhere when the going gets tough/ The shine might fade, the rain’s gon’ come/ We’ll weather that storm whenever it does/ This love don’t rust, rust, rust,” Corey sings in the chorus.

“In a world full of love songs that seem hard to relate to & too good to be true, I wanted to write one that felt real; Perfectly imperfect. So I wrote Rust,” Corey shares on Instagram.

“Real love doesn’t quit when it gets hard. It endures. It keeps fighting. It weathers the storms,” he adds. “When the shine fades & the rust sets in, it should be a badge of honor… because the love endured & that’s a love story worth singing about.”

“Rust” is out now on all digital platforms.

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