Megan Moroney loves how self-empowering “I’m Not Pretty” is

Courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

Don’t be fooled by the self-deprecating title of Megan Moroney‘s latest single, “I’m Not Pretty.” It’s actually a self-empowerment song that transpired from an experience Megan had.

“I just love it because it’s a confident anthem. I wrote it, obviously, about my ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend accidentally liking a photo from 2016,” Megan says in a press interview, before talking about the vibrant music video.

“I feel like I got to tell the bigger story of this song. When I sing ‘I’m Not Pretty,’ I’m not thinking about my ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. It’s more so just like, ‘Keep telling me I can’t do things,'” she says. “That’s the message of the song.”

“I just like how the music video is like, ‘If you’re nice, you’re really good at baking cakes and you’re really good at doing things. And if you’re mean, you burn your cakes and look unhappy all the time,'” adds Megan.

“I’m Not Pretty” is now approaching the top 15 of the country charts. You can find it on Megan’s debut album, Lucky, out now.

Megan’s currently opening for Kenny Chesney on his Sun Goes Down Tour. Tickets and the full tour schedule are available now on her website.


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